Going Irish

In March, a close friend of mine told me that he had been approved for a second study abroad experience and that he’d be spending the fall semester in Galway, Ireland. I was over joyed for him and suggested a visit. After splitting a very large pitcher of piña colada at a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant in Richmond, Kentucky, I whipped out my credit card and bought my plane ticket right there.

A 77 day adventure!


One of my favorite sections of 12 Oaks

That’s right! My pre-college graduation self  thought it’d be great to spend the summer working as a cook, living back home with my family, and not spending any money.

Well, there have been ups and downs the past few months. It’s been an adventure in of itself living with family again, and have definitely spent some money. As of today, I have about $1,000 saved with one and a half paychecks on their ways in the next month. I’m making a guess that I will have around $1,600 by the time the last of my money flows into my bank account.

Oh, and I also impulsively purchased a ticket to Morocco to visit another lovely friend of mine studying in Rabat. That’s two countries $1,600 ÷ 77 days = about $20 per day allowance. I also have that pesky credit card with a $1,500 limit I recently paid off as a backup/ emergency fund.

How I’m going to manage my massive budget?

I payed for an account with WWOOF, because my friend living in Ireland is living in a dorm. After a few weeks of searching, I now have farm stays for all but the last week of my trip in Ireland. These stays trade farm work of various sorts for food and a place to stay. I’ve never done it before, but a couple of my friends have had success. Morocco is up in the air, but right now, my plan is to get an air bnb, travel around a bit, and relax.

That’s all I know for now. 12 days until the start of adventure, and I can’t get Ramblin’ Fever by Merle Haggard out of my head.


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