The trip thus far has been wonderful and tiring, but I’m officially in the land of freckles and fairies. As I type this, I am sitting in a Dublin airport waiting on my bus. The air is a bit chilly and damp here, and people look at me funny when I say y’all.

Earlier today I saw Lake Michigan while on the bus in Chicago to get the train. When boarding that bus, I had $1 and a couple larger bills. The fair was $2.50, but when I went to insert a $10 bill, the driver said, “If you stick that in the machine, you’re paying towards my pension, girl.  Merry Christmas. Go take a seat.” My favorite Christmas present thus far.

On the 15th, I said goodbye to TN, and my mom and sister drove me to Berea, KY to visit my friends there. We had the best party I’ve experienced yet, and the next day my friend Matt drove me to Lexington after a brief stop at my new favorite pizza spot in Richmond, Apollo’s Pizza.  In Lexington, there was plenty of booze, some bad ass friends, and good food, a proper Kentucky send off. The next morning, I almost missed my bus, but a dear friend came to the rescue and drove me to the station.

After an eight hour bus ride, I landed in Chicago where my lovely host Harry picked me up and took me to a little hole in the wall restaurant in China town were we ate noodles in the best lamb broth I’ve had and an appetizer of lotus root in a light ginger sauce. The next morning, after a breakfast of fried eggs, and roasted tomatoes, I packed the pickled red onions that Harry gifted me for the trip, and met my bus driver friend shortly after.

In an hour, I hop on my bus to Cavan and my first WWOOF stay. I’m expecting the next couple months to be filled with a lot of green, grey, and hard work but also potatoes, beer, and pretty men (my three favorite things).



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