Change of Plans & Morocco



From the terrace of our hotel


Morocco is so beautifully chaotic, and I’ve been shown more kindness than I could ever expect since I’ve been here. When I left the airport, I crossed the street to get a taxi but ran into a bus driver that knew exactly where I needed to go. While on the bus watching horse drawn carriages, bicycles, and scooters weave in and out of traffic, I talked to a German man on Holiday that hadn’t reserved accommodation. He said he’d go with me to mine, if that was okay, and I was thankful for the company through the street and maze of a Medina in Marrakech.

The hostel was small and had a lemon tree growing in the middle, but the owner was kind and the complementary breakfast cooked by his wife was nicer than any I’ve received in the US. I left after breakfast to get the bus to the train station, but ran into a Canadian guy and got a taxi with him to the train station instead. Now, I’m in Rabat hanging out with my friend Callie in a cozy hotel room and one of the most comfortable beds I’ve encountered in quite some time. Her host mom welcomed me graciously and made us a wonderful dinner last nigh. Callie’s mom and her mom’s partner are also here, and it’s nice to have some company to go exploring with.

We visited a massive cemetery, the beach, and some great shops today, and I had to restrain myself from blowing  my budget on carefully crafted lanterns, ceramics, and customs shoes (I may go back for the shoes though). The fabrics and rugs here are so impressive and reasonably priced. Someday, I’ll return with an empty pack.

After I return from Morocco on November 24th, I’ll hang out in Dublin for a couple days before heading to Barcelona where I’ll spend 3 days ogling at beautiful things, I’m sure. Then, I’m headed to Reykjavik, Iceland, for three days where I’m hoping I’ll see the northern lights and a blue lagoon, but, by then, I’m going to be so broke I might just look around the city for a few days. After Iceland, I fly back to Dublin then catch another flight back to Chicago.

I don’t have much money. So, I’m going to buy groceries and cook as much as possible instead of buying food out, and I’m hoping to do some couch surfing instead of paying for hostels, but we shall see what I’m able to find! If you’re reading this and know of a place I could stay in Reykjavik, that would help me a great deal.


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